For Mobile users! Tapatalk app is great!

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Tapatalk is our recommended free app for registered users to access the forums.

You can download it from the iOS store here and the Android play store here. Once you have it installed on the phone, you must search the available websites in the app for ULKC, and that should then appear in the app. After you use the app to login to the forum with your forum username and password, you can browse the forums, see any new unread posts, send and receive the private messages and pretty much all of the functions available from a normal PC. You don't need to login to the tapatalk website or applications to access the ULKC forum.

Once installed and you've logged in to the forum through the app, you can select "browse" and you can then navigate through all of the forums and posts, and you can reply if you want to from within the app.

One of the really great features of this free app is that you can "subscribe" to forums, and you'll get notifications on your phone from the app, of new posts going up in topics that you've subscribed to, and new topics being posted up in forums that you've subscribed to. So if you want to follow the forum when on the move, then subscribe to the individual forums you want to be watched, and then any topics within those forums that you want to get notice of new posts.

( ... 80732?mt=8) and ( ... vity&hl=en) are the links to the app
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